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By the time that she was twenty-eight years old, Raluca Hamann had birthed her seventh and last child, a baby girl, which would round out the brood of four boys and three girls. For Raluca and husband Andrei, a household of seven extremely rambunctious children, all under the age of ten meant that there was never a moment of peace or quiet. Growing up in such a large household with as many mouths to feed and children to teach, there wasn't always a whole lot, and what was afforded was always shared between siblings, the youngest being the one in the unfortunate position of receiving things that had been worn down and out six times over, which lent it to never being in the greatest condition. Still, the family did what they could to get by, relying on each other for everything, entertainment included, with the lot of them sitting around and sharing song and music, which although he wouldn't know at the time, it would be these moments that would give Scott his early interest in everything musical, introducing the spark into him which would later allow him to fall in love with music enough to commit his life to it.

There isn't a lot that Scott remembers about the way that his father broke the news, after waking up one day to find his mother, and subsequently all of her belongings gone, seemingly vanished from their home. Doesn't remember the words that the now single father used to try to explain the actions of his wife, probably because they weren't actions that Andrei himself understood, a seeming devoted wife and mother of seven small children slinking away in the dead of night, there would be forever something about the fact that would never sit right with Scott. Andrei, now in charge of seven small children, when his wife previously had been the one that tended to the children, found himself at a loss on how to even begin to care for the brood, and because of which let the lot run around wild, leaving the children up to their own devices for sometimes lengthy periods while he trekked out to look for work, barely scraping by with enough to keep a roof over their head and food in their bellies, although sometimes meager portions, literally just enough to survive.

By the time that he was sixteen years old, Scott Hamann had decided that he was tired of living the life that his family was living, and that he needed to chase his dreams, he'd never paid much attention in school and had actually stopped going a couple of years prior, choosing instead to follow his father and older siblings and find odd jobs around town to do, anything that would aid in putting food on the table. Scott however reasoned to himself that with one person less to clothe and feed, one less person bringing money to the table wouldn't make that much of a difference anyway. At sixteen years old and with not much more than the clothes on his back, Scott Hamann boarded a plane bound for America, the place that had always been touted as the land of opportunity, and he knew that if he was going to survive, it was going to be an opportunity that he needed.

The first few years of living in the states were rough, his English was broken at it's very best, coupled with the fact that he knew absolutely no one, it was basically a recipe for disaster. Luckily, Scott Hamann was not the type of person to let circumstance hold him down, making friends was easy enough, and with new friends came a new grasp on the English language. Still, it wasn't necessarily the right crowd that Scott had fallen into, and in no time was wrapped up in a cocoon of the drugs and drinking that were slowly starting to wear him down, coupled with a life that consisted of mainly living on the streets, that american dream was looking less and less in his grasp with every bad decision that was being made. At this rate it was going to take a miracle for Scott to even begin to achieve the things that he had left home for, his dream of making music was seeming like a pipe dream and the thought of having to return home with nothing more than broken dreams was daunting to the young boy who at the time claimed that he would rather die than return home with nothing but having talked a big game. It was through the encouragement of friends that Hamann would receive his first successes, being signed to a label after being found through social media site Myspace, it would only be a short while later that his first album would drop, thus propelling him into the limelight, garnering all of the adoration that he had dreamt of from an ever growing fan base. His initial success would follow up with three more albums, each garnering it's own acclaim, not to mention the endless amount of musicians that Scott has received the pleasure of working with, stating that he enjoys working with different people who each bring their own style into the studio, because it pushes him out of his box and forces him into a place where he might be musically uncomfortable, which is the best place to be when trying to work something out, pushed to the edge.
Motion (2014) Faith. Under Control (with Alesso featuring Hurts), Blame (featuring John Newman), Love Now (featuring All About She), Slow Acid, Outside (featuring Ellie Goulding), It Was You" (with Firebeatz), Summer, Overdrive (with Ummet Ozcan), Ecstasy (featuring Hurts), Pray to God" (featuring Siego), Open Wide" (featuring Big Sean), Together" (featuring Gwen Stefani), Burnin (with R3hab), Dollar Signs" (featuring Tinashe)

18 Months (2012) Green Valley, Bounce" (featuring Kelis), Feel So Close, We Found Love (Moni Wright), We'll Be Coming Back (featuring Example), Mansion, Iron (with Nicky Romero), I Need Your Love" (featuring Ellie Goulding), Drinking from the Bottle" (featuring Tinie Tempah), Sweet Nothing (featuring Eva Luton), School, Here 2 China (with Dillon Francis featuring Dizzee Rascal), Let's Go (featuring Ne-Yo), Thinking About You (featuring Ayah Marar)

Ready for the weekend (2009) The Rain, Ready for the Weekend, Stars Come Out, You Used to Hold Me, Blue, I'm Not Alone, Flashback, Worst Day" (featuring Izza Kizza), Relax, Limits, Burns Night, Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La, Dance wiv Me" (Dizzee Rascal), 5iliconeator

I created disco (2007) Merrymaking at My Place, Colours, This Is the Industry, The Girls, Acceptable in the 80s, Neon Rocks, Traffic Cops, Vegas, I Created Disco, Disco Heat, Vault Character, Certified, Love Souvenir, Electro Man
FULL NAME: scott marius hamann STAGE NAME: hamann BIRTHDATE & AGE: jan 17. 1983 & 32 HOMETOWN: london, england CURRENT RESIDENCE: between new york, ny + los angeles, ca OCCUPATION: DJ / Producer MARTIAL STATUS: inside all of us, there is a wild thing
father brother sister sister brother brother sister Filip Daniel Hamann Lucas Thomas Hamann (39) Freya Sofia Hernandez (née Hamann)(38) Amelia Rosie Bell (née Hamann)(37) Ethan Tyler Hamann (37) Henry Mason Hamann (36) Maisie Grace Hamann (34) Oliver Finley Hamann (31) Poppy Isla Hamann (29)